Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I call Home...for the time being

So these are some pics I took when I was just wandering around Salzburg with some friends, aka Kevin and Ariana. The place is a beautiful spot; a river splits the city, and the Altstadt (old city) preserves its historical feel. Definitely a treasure among Europe. We grabbed some Japanese cuisine at a personal favorite, Nagano Japan Restaurant, and just took a leisurely stroll through what we have been calling 'home' for the last 7 months. Enjoy the pics!

Getting that Worldly Vision

This school year I've been separated from the 3 man wolf pack, and been in Salzburg Austria (not Australia) studying. My life has been a whirlwind of excitement and adventures. My first legal beer just felt odd; there was no red cup, keg or other kids feeling thirsty after a long thursday, but rather a bartender telling me that my half liter of Zipfer was gonna cost me 3.30 euros.....coulda bought a 40 for that in the states, but I gotta hand it to the Austrians, they sure know how to brew a delicious brew. 
My time here has given me the time to breath; to truly figure out what the hell I want to do. Mark, Stew and I (I being Kelly) have a passion to create art, and we've always dreamed about starting up a clothing line. We planned on starting last year, but with me spending a school year abroad, it would've been tough to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. But since I've been abroad, seeing fine art from every period and walk of life, I've never been so absolutely positive that this is what I need to do with my life. Three buddies from King County, with great ideas, fresh designs and positive outlooks; We are getting ready to launch as soon as I step back on American soil. I cannot wait to see the fruit of our efforts and to do what we set out to do; make it in America the way we want to. 
I will be posting pictures of my adventures in Europe so all you at home can vicariously live through me. I have been soo many places and tried to take some legit pics, so tell me what you think when I post them. Much love to all and godspeed to you fellow chasers of the dream!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Note Taking Is Important

If you looked at my notebooks you would probably think I took six drawing classes. Class is where I do a lot of my best thinking, almost none of it about the actual class. It's where I come up with a lot of the designs and a lot of other random doodles i do. Drawing is way more fun than taking notes and once everyone in the world is wearing our clothes, it will be more productive too.

The Logo

We've been working on a logo for the company. Here are a few designs we have come up with. We're working with a lightbulb as the basis for the design because the lightbulb is a universal sign for ideas and creative thinking and new ideas are the basis for our company and designs. Let us know what you think.

We're still working on it obviously but it's getting close.

Welcome to THE INC!

We are three guys who joined forces to create the most bad ass clothing company in the business. We're just getting started but before long everyone and their mom will be dressed by us. We live in Seattle and go to school in Portland, so the Northwest is in our blood. Keep checking back to see our progress and all of the hard work that comes in between.