Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Case You Didn't Know...

This is a little late, but if you didn't know, we got an official website. Go to and you can keep updated on how things are going around The INC! Stewart really did his thing on the site. It's not 100% but we'll get it there soon. So keep checking for news, new designs, tweets and everything else incorporated.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Urbanity 2

We're on the shelves! The homie Lee over at Urbanity is selling some of our Statue shirts for us in his store. It's an awesome spot that sells Imaginary Foundation, Casual Industrees, Kid Robot, Emnace and now, The INC! Get over there soon cause there are not too many left!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We got some exciting news this week. There is a shop here in Seattle called Urbanity and they just agreed to do a run of our Statue of Liberty shirts. It's a small order, but it's a start. We're delivering the shirts sometime this week and they should be available then, but act quick because there won't be too many of them down there. The shop is at 5101 25th Ave NE in the U District. It's a great little shop carrying some sweet sneakers as well as a lot of our favorite clothing brands. So stop by sometime in the next week, pick up the Statue shirt if you haven't done so already and say hi to Lee, the owner. Tell him the INC! sent you.

Check out their website and blog here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Our" Logos

Even though they suck, we got mad love for our teams.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Bluff

Recently, we were contacted by our school, University of Portland, to design a t shirt for the Freshmen Class Service Day. Someone at the school found our story in the Ballard News Tribune on the Google News Feed and contacted us about working together. It's not a for sure thing yet but I thought I would let whoever reads this thing a look at what we've been working on:
We started with this old Golden State Warriors logo. Very simple and classic, using an important landmark as the basis for the image.

So we took that image and applied it to life at University of Portland. Lots of people call our school "The Bluff," so we went with that nickname and used the chapel and new bell tower (which should be at least 3 times as tall) as our landmark. Put it all together with a little Purple Pride in the colors and this is what comes out:

This may not be the very, very final design, but it's at least the basic idea. Thought I would let our readers check it out.
Oh and one other thing. Our computer man, Stew, came up with this genius idea for the logo. All of our shirts include a The INC! logo in the back neck of the shirt, but for this project, we came up with something special:

So there you go. This is what we've been working on as of late. Still trying to get a real website together, should be done soon and hopefully we're finishing up the graphics for another t-shirt run. Exciting things...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Learn How To Dress - Lily Allen

This chick has the look down. Dresses and sneakers is an amazing combo. I hear she has kind off gone of the deep end but she's still got her awesome style.