Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday's Something New

In honor of the quickly approaching ski season, I thought I would release this ode to the Keep Tips up signs that you see all the way up the chairlift. There has got to be very few skiers or boarders left who have not made a hilarious Viagra-related joke about these signs. But The INC! switched it up a bit and just wanted to remind people to always keep a fist up. Always question what you hear and stand up for what you believe in. So here's the Sunday's Something New:

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday's 5 - Our Taglines

Here at The INC! we come up with a lot of little phrases and taglines for our company. Little things that say a lot about our company and mindset in everything we do. You might see them in designs or around my Twitters or Facebooks or blog entries, so I thought that all of the really Incorporated people might want to know a little bit more about these phrases like where they came from and what they say about our company. So here you go, Friday's 5:

5. "You're In or You're INC!" - I just came up with this one the other day. I was thinking about what's in right now: skinny jeans, flannels, jean-leggings for girls, Wayfarers, etc. But you know how many of those things were in like three or four years ago? None. Things get cool and then get trendy and then are out in a matter of just a few years. The INC! intends to be the opposite of that. To be in is to be trendy and cool, but it's fleeting. To be INC! is to be classic, to be forever.

4. "Be Immortal" - Kelly came to me with this tagline accompanying a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. A hero of both of ours, he is a great example of what it really means to "live forever," to make such an impact that even after you are gone you are remembered. Hopefully The INC! will be another name you'll never forget.

3. "The Kings of King County, From the City that Reigns" - This one actually outdates The INC! by a few years. Back in high school, Kelly and I decided to try to bring back tank tops. Our plan was to wear them everyday down in college. We wanted to get custom ones with KINGS OF KING COUNTY on them. Although we never actually followed through with that, we never forgot the tagline and what it meant to us. Kelly just recently added "From the City that Reigns." It most certainly rains in our city, but we want to expand the idea beyond that. We want Seattle to be on the top, to reign alongside us, The INC!, the Kings.

2. "Leave the Lights On..." - We came up with this one about the time we came up with our logo. We decided to go with the lightbulb because that is a pretty strong symbol of the bright idea. In a world and industry where so many people are following, it is these bright ideas, these lights, that are truly important. Leave them on.

1. "Get Incorporated" - We chose The Incorporated because it describes how we want our company to function. It is not simply a clothing company run by three guys. It is a brand made up of everyone who wants to be a part of it. How do you become a part of it? Just Get Incorporated. Buy in to what we are trying to do and become a part of it. Everybody's welcome.

There you go. These 5 short phrases build an outline for what we want our clothing to say and what we want The INC! to mean.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Day, New Job

It's pretty funny how many different jobs one has to do when running a small business. I've been a delivery man, artist, computer guy, and many more. Last night Kelly and I tried a new one: model. It probably looked pretty weird when my roommate walked into the house and us two guys were taking pictures of each other in front of a sheet in our stairwell. However it looked, the pictures came out pretty dope and we'll be putting those up on the online store in the next few days. So here are a few shots of my first, and hopefully last, experience as a model. Next time we'll be using these ladies.

The Wardrobe:

The Model:

The Photographer:

And as for the results? Check them out in a few days on our website.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday's Something New

So I know last week I said that it would be only a Sneak Peek on Sundays from now on, but I decided that every Sunday I'll just show you something new. Could be a Sneak Peek and it could be a full design. Today, it'll be a full design. Don't know if this will ever end up as a t-shirt or anything but I thought it was cool. Anyone who knows me knows I pretty much am always in a hat, so I thought this one was appropriate. So here you go:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ice Cube Kind of Day

Today was a good day. I grabbed some of the new SuperChronics and King County Cowboy crewnecks from Kelly and then wore it into a new store down in Fremont, Officials Vintage. This place is all about classic sports gear like throwback jerseys and Starter caps. If you read Friday's 5 about The INC!'s love of Seattle sports, then you know how down we are with the classic sports gear. So while I was in there, the guys working there asked about my sweatshirt, which led to one of them buying one, which led to me letting them know about The INC!, which led to them asking about consignment, which led to me running to my car and dropping off some new SuperChronics sweatshirts for them to sell. What an awesome chain of events. So everyone should probably go check out Officials Vintage, its at 3602 Palatine Ave N in Fremont, right around the corner from the George & Dragon Pub. It's a dope spot regardless of the fact that they now carry The INC!

Go say what's up to Rio and friends down at Officials Vintage today.

That New New

The INC! is expanding! We just picked up a couple different crewneck t-shirt designs: the SuperChronics and the King County Cowboy. They look really good. The SuperChronics plays on our beloved, deceased Seattle SuperSonics' logo from the 70's and 80's with a little twist and a new color scheme. Our King County Cowboy image replaces the classic bucking bronco with a bucking elk to give it a more Northwest feel. We'll be putting these on the online store in the next few days, but until then you can still let Kelly, Stew or I know if you want one. For now, just check them out and as always, Get Incorporated.

Of course I have the matching hat...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday's 5 - Seattle's Finest

Today's Friday's 5 is all about one of the major influences of The INC!, our Seattle sports teams. You can see many familiar logos, colors, heroes and more in our designs and aesthetic here at The INC! Having grown up during the true Golden Years of our state's sports history, the teams truly influenced us as kids and ultimately now as adults. Here are my picks for our city's greatest athletes of all time.

#5. Steve Largent - Now he should probably be higher, but he played just a bit before my prime so his spot is a little lower. But truly, nobody looks better in the green and blue. He was a 7 time Pro Bowler, held every major receiving record at the time he retired and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995. Wish I could have seen him catch a pass from Warren Moon at Qwest Field, that would be the bomb.

#4. Shawn Kemp - There are a lot of people who might put him a little higher on the list, but I voted him to #4 because his career kind of fizzled out towards the end. But even amidst the many illegitimate children, drug problems and repeated failed comebacks, he still remains the Reign Man. A 6 time All-Star and leader of the '96 Sonics team that went to the NBA Championship, Kemp was really one of the greatest to put on a jersey in the 206.

#3. Edgar Martinez - For a fat kid growing up in Seattle in the 90's, few things gave me hope for my professional athlete career like 'Gar. By far the slowest baseball athlete in the history of sport, he was still a great player and remains the definition of the Designated Hitter. 6 time All-Star and owner of 5 Silver Slugger awards, he was an integral part of all of the great M's seasons of the 90's and 2000's.

#2. Gary Payton - Nobody has ever represented Seattle quite like The Glove did. He was drafted with the 2nd pick in 1990 and would go on to hold the franchise records for points, assists and steals to this day. The best part about #20 was definitely his mouth. He got in the face of anyone and everyone and certainly had the skills to back them up. Defensive Player of the Year, 9 time All Star and an NBA Champion in 2006 with the Miami Heat, Payton pretty much sums up what the teams from Seattle USED to be...

And for anyone who has been keeping up with the blog, you may remember our Rep Your City design from a week or two ago, featuring none other than Mr. Payton himself.

#1. "Junior" - If someone were trying to look up seattle sports in the dictionary, they should probably just find the entry for Ken Griffey Jr. "The Kid" was a part of so many great Mariners moments its hard to explain how important he was to this city. The father-son back-to-back homeruns, the catch when he broke his wrist jumping into the wall, "the slide" and every one of his 630 home runs are sweet enough to forgive even this last season, when he didn't hit a home run, took a nap during a game and retired mid-season. I love him simply for teaching me how to wear a backwards baseball hat. What Seattle kid doesn't have his stance and swing memorized to this day? Without further ado, at #1, #24.

Someday the Mariners won't have the WORST offense in the HISTORY of baseball, the Seahawks will make it back to the Super Bowl and an NBA team will have Seattle on its jersey once more... Someday.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday's Something New - On a Monday

I'm down in the beautiful state of California and I missed yesterday's Sunday's Something New. I should apologize to my mother, who I think may be the only one to read this, because I know she wanted to see a new design from The INC! But here's the thing. I think that starting this week, Sunday's Something New will be changed to Sunday's Sneak Peak. we really don't want people to see all our designs early, because then it ruins the surprise when it does eventually come out. I know seeing 1/4 of a design is not too exciting, but when the design actually comes out, you'll be thankful we made this change. So here you go, Sunday's Sneak Peek:

Oh and by the way, this trip has been awesome. I'll probably do an entry once I upload the photos. Myself and two friends just decided to road trip on down to San Fran then we kept going to visit some friends in San Luis Obisbo. It's been a wild ride and it's been really fun. We're headed back up to SF today and hopefully we'll get to look around the city and maybe hit some spots like The Hundreds SF and Benny Gold. That's all for now.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday's Five - Ladies

For today's 5, I thought it was only fair to talk about one of the most important issues plaguing mankind for centuries: women. I should be clear that I have two separate lists of females: ones I have a definite chance with and those who are way too beautiful to ever descend to my level. For today's 5, I think I'll talk about my 5 future wives, a.k.a. the one's I have a chance with.

#5. Isla Fisher - Ever since she crazied out on Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers, I have been a big fan of Ms. Fisher. Although she doesn't always pick the best roles (Confessions of a Shopaholic, Definitely, Maybe), that doesn't mean we can't watch and enjoy. I don't know if it's good or bad that she is married to Borat/Bruno, but either way good for him.

#4. Whitney Port - To be honest, until now I had no idea what Whitney's last name was. I just knew Whitney from those MTV shows. However, no matter how lame her show is, I'm still a fan of Ms. Port. Not only is she a total babe, but she is also a pretty talented fashion designer too. So there you go, Whitney Port at #4.

#3. Minka Kelly - If you saw 500 Days of Summer, you probably didn't take too much notice to the girl at the end cause you spent too much energy falling in love with Zooey Deschanel. Nothing wrong with that, (she used to be on this list) but Ms. Kelly, or Autumn as is her name in the movie, is a true stunner. She is mostly known for her show Friday Night Lights, but I suggest you forget the show and focus on its leading lady... UPDATE: It's official, she has just been voted Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive 2010. Check out the video/photos here.

#2. Rachel Leigh Cook - Having been on this list since I saw the movie Tom & Huck when I was all of six or seven, Ms. Cook is a veteran. When Josie and the Pussycats is your biggest movie it's tough to be considered a fantastic actress, but hey that's not what this list is about. Coming in at #2, an apple of my eye for many years, Rachel Leigh Cook.

#1. Kate Beckinsale - My goodness, what a babe. A badass in Underworld, a foxy mom in Click, a fine nurse in Pearl Harbor, the list goes on and on. Only 17 years older than me, with a husband and kid, I definitely have a chance with her.

Ok, sorry, I'll get back to clothing now...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Acute 2 - 0 - Sickness

Although The INC! is Seattle born and bread, we actually spend 8 months or so out of the year down in Portland. Even though it's only 3 hours away, sometimes home sickness sets in and I miss the 206. Whenever this hits, there are a number of songs I can throw on that immediately put me back on Seattle streets with my Seattle people. I'll be back up there in about a week so I thought I'd share some of these cuts with our vast blog audience. So here is my cure for that acute 2-0-Sickness:

Grynch - My Volvo - This guy grew up about 3 minutes from my house in Ballard so of course I've got love. I've probably driven past the Volvo shop in this video about 1,000 times. But either way I dig this song and The INC! is definitely down with people rockin' shitty cars.

Jake One - Home feat. Vitamin D, Note, Maneak B and Ish - This song is super dope. It's funny though because most of the raps in this talk about how crappy our city is, but the artists still have mad love for it. I gotta agree, damn it feels good to talk about home.

Blue Scholars - Joe Metro - Back when I was taking the bus home from school, this song was just what I needed to drown out all the crazy shit you hear and see on the Seattle Metro. The Blue Scholars are probably the best known Seattle group and I think no one really exemplifies what Seattle is about like they do. So if you want to know how it feels to be riding the 44, check out this video.

Macklemore - The Town - I just really got into Macklemore this summer, and now he's is pretty much playing anytime The INC! is all together. This song especially. It really just sums it all up for anybody from "The Town."


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday's Something New

It's Sunday! As we all recover from a weekend of debauchery and try our best to put off our homework for a few more hours, The INC! wants to try to help. Therefore, every Sunday, we will release something new on the blog, be it a design, poster, news alert, etc. This way, you will always have a solid 5 minutes worth of distraction on Sunday. So here you our, the first Sunday's Something New:

Gary Payton getting right in the face of the greatest of all time. Even though we lost the championship that year, this picture says a lot about The Glove and what he meant to our beautiful city of Seattle.

The INC! would like you to always please remember to REP YOUR CITY.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday's 5

Today I introduce The INC!'s Friday's 5! The basic premise is that every Friday, we at The INC! will share a top 5 list. Other than that there are no rules. The list could be about clothing, cities, women, sports, etc. They should be both entertaining and informative and let you guys inside the heads of The INC!, even if you never really thought that would be a great place to be....

So without further ado, the Friday's 5!

For the inaugural 5, I thought I would talk about my 5 favorite photographs of all time. I'm taking a photography class right now and I'm not very good at it, so it's nice to take a look at some photos that really were done right. They're not necessarily the greatest of all time, but definitely my top 5. I hope you enjoy today's Friday's 5.

#5. Kanye and his Balloon - Nabil Elderkin

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big, big Kanye West fan. Say what you will about him, he's a genius and you know it. But this picture really resonated with me because of its incredible melancholy feeling. Here is this giant star with tons of money and the whole world at his finger tips, not too mention its his birthday, and he looks genuinely unhappy. Obviously the shot was set up but the image still holds a strong emotional connection with the viewer.

#4. At the Time of the Louisville Flood - Margaret Bourke-White

There are plenty of famous quotes from photographers talking about the luck involved in taking a great photo. This is obviously one of those moments, but what a powerful message. The irony in this picture is both overwhelming and timeless, giving a startling view of the so-called "American Dream." Taken in 1937, this image will likely continue resonating far longer than I'm around to look at it.

#3. Griffey Slides Home to Win 1995 ALDS

This one is actually a combination of two photos, both equally important. For anyone living in Seattle during the 90's, this should certainly be one of their greatest memories. For a 5-year-old, die-hard Mariners fan like myself, seeing Griffey slide home to win the game and the series in extra-innings was unreal. Even more spectacular than the slide is it the image of the pig pile moments later. Wanna know how the entire Mariner's faithful felt after that game? The look on Griffey's face really says it all.

#2. MLK Jr.'s Mugshot

It's pretty amazing for those from my generation, who have grown up celebrating Dr. King's achievements, to think that this great man was once put in jail for his beliefs and actions. One of my personal heroes, Martin Luther King Jr. is a true American legend and this photo is evidence of the great problems which we still face to some extent today.

#1. Tupac's Last Photo

On the night of his death, after a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas, a fan pulled alongside of Tupac Shakur's car and snapped this picture of him. Moments later, he was shot to death at a red light. This image is so powerful because of the look on Tupac's face. He seems to almost know what is ahead of him, but rather than fear in his eyes, there is acceptance. Who knows what the true story of his death is, but no matter what, he will be remembered as a great and important artist.

So that is all for the first Friday's 5. Hope you enjoyed, now let's get back to the clothing.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The INC's Very Own Apple Cup

The INC! has some serious love for Seattle sports. As long as I can remember I've been cheering on the Mariners, Sonics, Seahawks, etc. I even went to Sounders games when there were like 50 people in the stands before their MLS days. The only difficulty in Seattle sports is the age old question of Huskies or Cougs... Therefore, here at The INC!, we wanted to represent people on both sides of the state. Here is our latest design, the "Our Logos" T. There are 2 options: one for the Westside and one for the Eastside.


As we are waiting on our next shipment of gear (2 sets of crewnecks), we're still looking to get some people dressed in our first run of shirts. If you'll remember, we have the Statue T, the From the Bottom T and the Logo T. We'll be throwing a little shindig down in Portland in the next few weeks but if you don't have one of these there are still a few left. So hit us up or check online this weekend because we should have our online store set up. Get Incorporated.
Here's a look at what we have left: