Friday, October 22, 2010

Ice Cube Kind of Day

Today was a good day. I grabbed some of the new SuperChronics and King County Cowboy crewnecks from Kelly and then wore it into a new store down in Fremont, Officials Vintage. This place is all about classic sports gear like throwback jerseys and Starter caps. If you read Friday's 5 about The INC!'s love of Seattle sports, then you know how down we are with the classic sports gear. So while I was in there, the guys working there asked about my sweatshirt, which led to one of them buying one, which led to me letting them know about The INC!, which led to them asking about consignment, which led to me running to my car and dropping off some new SuperChronics sweatshirts for them to sell. What an awesome chain of events. So everyone should probably go check out Officials Vintage, its at 3602 Palatine Ave N in Fremont, right around the corner from the George & Dragon Pub. It's a dope spot regardless of the fact that they now carry The INC!

Go say what's up to Rio and friends down at Officials Vintage today.

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