Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Acute 2 - 0 - Sickness

Although The INC! is Seattle born and bread, we actually spend 8 months or so out of the year down in Portland. Even though it's only 3 hours away, sometimes home sickness sets in and I miss the 206. Whenever this hits, there are a number of songs I can throw on that immediately put me back on Seattle streets with my Seattle people. I'll be back up there in about a week so I thought I'd share some of these cuts with our vast blog audience. So here is my cure for that acute 2-0-Sickness:

Grynch - My Volvo - This guy grew up about 3 minutes from my house in Ballard so of course I've got love. I've probably driven past the Volvo shop in this video about 1,000 times. But either way I dig this song and The INC! is definitely down with people rockin' shitty cars.

Jake One - Home feat. Vitamin D, Note, Maneak B and Ish - This song is super dope. It's funny though because most of the raps in this talk about how crappy our city is, but the artists still have mad love for it. I gotta agree, damn it feels good to talk about home.

Blue Scholars - Joe Metro - Back when I was taking the bus home from school, this song was just what I needed to drown out all the crazy shit you hear and see on the Seattle Metro. The Blue Scholars are probably the best known Seattle group and I think no one really exemplifies what Seattle is about like they do. So if you want to know how it feels to be riding the 44, check out this video.

Macklemore - The Town - I just really got into Macklemore this summer, and now he's is pretty much playing anytime The INC! is all together. This song especially. It really just sums it all up for anybody from "The Town."


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