Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday's 5 - Our Taglines

Here at The INC! we come up with a lot of little phrases and taglines for our company. Little things that say a lot about our company and mindset in everything we do. You might see them in designs or around my Twitters or Facebooks or blog entries, so I thought that all of the really Incorporated people might want to know a little bit more about these phrases like where they came from and what they say about our company. So here you go, Friday's 5:

5. "You're In or You're INC!" - I just came up with this one the other day. I was thinking about what's in right now: skinny jeans, flannels, jean-leggings for girls, Wayfarers, etc. But you know how many of those things were in like three or four years ago? None. Things get cool and then get trendy and then are out in a matter of just a few years. The INC! intends to be the opposite of that. To be in is to be trendy and cool, but it's fleeting. To be INC! is to be classic, to be forever.

4. "Be Immortal" - Kelly came to me with this tagline accompanying a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. A hero of both of ours, he is a great example of what it really means to "live forever," to make such an impact that even after you are gone you are remembered. Hopefully The INC! will be another name you'll never forget.

3. "The Kings of King County, From the City that Reigns" - This one actually outdates The INC! by a few years. Back in high school, Kelly and I decided to try to bring back tank tops. Our plan was to wear them everyday down in college. We wanted to get custom ones with KINGS OF KING COUNTY on them. Although we never actually followed through with that, we never forgot the tagline and what it meant to us. Kelly just recently added "From the City that Reigns." It most certainly rains in our city, but we want to expand the idea beyond that. We want Seattle to be on the top, to reign alongside us, The INC!, the Kings.

2. "Leave the Lights On..." - We came up with this one about the time we came up with our logo. We decided to go with the lightbulb because that is a pretty strong symbol of the bright idea. In a world and industry where so many people are following, it is these bright ideas, these lights, that are truly important. Leave them on.

1. "Get Incorporated" - We chose The Incorporated because it describes how we want our company to function. It is not simply a clothing company run by three guys. It is a brand made up of everyone who wants to be a part of it. How do you become a part of it? Just Get Incorporated. Buy in to what we are trying to do and become a part of it. Everybody's welcome.

There you go. These 5 short phrases build an outline for what we want our clothing to say and what we want The INC! to mean.

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