Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday's 5

Today I introduce The INC!'s Friday's 5! The basic premise is that every Friday, we at The INC! will share a top 5 list. Other than that there are no rules. The list could be about clothing, cities, women, sports, etc. They should be both entertaining and informative and let you guys inside the heads of The INC!, even if you never really thought that would be a great place to be....

So without further ado, the Friday's 5!

For the inaugural 5, I thought I would talk about my 5 favorite photographs of all time. I'm taking a photography class right now and I'm not very good at it, so it's nice to take a look at some photos that really were done right. They're not necessarily the greatest of all time, but definitely my top 5. I hope you enjoy today's Friday's 5.

#5. Kanye and his Balloon - Nabil Elderkin

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big, big Kanye West fan. Say what you will about him, he's a genius and you know it. But this picture really resonated with me because of its incredible melancholy feeling. Here is this giant star with tons of money and the whole world at his finger tips, not too mention its his birthday, and he looks genuinely unhappy. Obviously the shot was set up but the image still holds a strong emotional connection with the viewer.

#4. At the Time of the Louisville Flood - Margaret Bourke-White

There are plenty of famous quotes from photographers talking about the luck involved in taking a great photo. This is obviously one of those moments, but what a powerful message. The irony in this picture is both overwhelming and timeless, giving a startling view of the so-called "American Dream." Taken in 1937, this image will likely continue resonating far longer than I'm around to look at it.

#3. Griffey Slides Home to Win 1995 ALDS

This one is actually a combination of two photos, both equally important. For anyone living in Seattle during the 90's, this should certainly be one of their greatest memories. For a 5-year-old, die-hard Mariners fan like myself, seeing Griffey slide home to win the game and the series in extra-innings was unreal. Even more spectacular than the slide is it the image of the pig pile moments later. Wanna know how the entire Mariner's faithful felt after that game? The look on Griffey's face really says it all.

#2. MLK Jr.'s Mugshot

It's pretty amazing for those from my generation, who have grown up celebrating Dr. King's achievements, to think that this great man was once put in jail for his beliefs and actions. One of my personal heroes, Martin Luther King Jr. is a true American legend and this photo is evidence of the great problems which we still face to some extent today.

#1. Tupac's Last Photo

On the night of his death, after a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas, a fan pulled alongside of Tupac Shakur's car and snapped this picture of him. Moments later, he was shot to death at a red light. This image is so powerful because of the look on Tupac's face. He seems to almost know what is ahead of him, but rather than fear in his eyes, there is acceptance. Who knows what the true story of his death is, but no matter what, he will be remembered as a great and important artist.

So that is all for the first Friday's 5. Hope you enjoyed, now let's get back to the clothing.

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