Friday, September 10, 2010

Huddle Up

So today I thought I would let our audience into the all important team meeting. Kelly, Stew and I have been meeting up and hanging out for years now, but only in the last couple of months have we actually produced anything from our hours upon hours of sitting around. So let me get you prepared for a meeting at The INC!
First, and most importantly, the box. This box from my pair of The Hundreds shoes, which was then sent as a package from my mom, is the life blood of The INC! It has everything in it: the money, business cards, business license, bank paperwork, etc. Some people use filing cabinets or save everything on their computer, but we do things a little bit different.

Next, the sketch pads. I always have something to draw on. When we're bouncing ideas around in a meeting, I often just start sketching ideas and seeing what the other guys think. It's also a good distraction when they start talking business and finances and stuff... But these four notebooks pretty much contain every idea The INC! has had and everything we'll be releasing in the near future.

In order to put the ideas on paper, you need something to draw with. I pretty much use Ticonderoga pencils exclusively because of their amazing erasers. I also have my travel sharpener with me for those days when I'll be using a lot of lead. In addition, I gotta have my box of colors. In here, I have crayons, markers, Sharpies, colored pencils and more. With these I am able to put a little color into those sketched ideas. How many 20 year olds do you know who go to work with a big box of crayons and markers? Life is good.

Once I have a sketch I like, Stew has to get it into Photoshop to create the official design. Therefore, I always have my digital camera and memory card reader on hand so I can take a picture of my sketch and get it to Stew to get it to you.

Last but not least are the mascots of The INC! I picked up these little guys in Japan this summer and both have significant meaning. The cat is called a Maneki Neko supposed to beckon customers to a business, and I figured the little guy couldn't hurt. So when you feel the sudden urge to buy some of our stuff, it's probably our cat bringing in the bacon. The little man is called a Daruma doll. When you buy one, his eyes are both blank. You're supposed to fill in one eye while making a wish. When it comes true, you fill in his other eye. As you can see, he still only has one eye. That's because I am yet to see someone I don't know walking down the street in some The Incorporated Clothing. Who knows, maybe this guy will have both his eyes soon...

There you have it. That's pretty much all you need to be an Artistic Designer at a small clothing company. Doesn't look that easy does it? Add these two guys and you're ready to Get Incorporated.

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