Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday's Something Sneaky - Flags

The blogging has been down lately, as in pretty much all year. My bad. This week I actually have an excuse though because it's finals week here on campus. I'm actually in the library right now writing a study guide about metaphysics. But luckily I have a wandering mind and I thought it was important that I let you guys in on what I am about to start working on pretty soon here.

I have been trying to work in a design based on the state flag because I always love to incorporate our hometown pride into our work. Now that I'm down in Oregon, I miss WA that much more. But I also admit that I have some Oregon pride now too and The INC! owes a lot to the people down here. Therefore I've got some sweet ideas swirling about what to do with these here state flags. Just another Sunday's Something Sneaky for those out there who need something to distract them from whatever they are doing.


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