Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday's 5?

Last night we through the Portland edition of the Launch Party and it was a great success. I think lot's of people had fun and lots of people left wearing new t-shirts and sweatshirts which was awesome. You might have noticed, however, that there was no Friday's 5 yesterday. So today I thought I would make up for it. So here you go, a day late, Friday's 5: Excuses for why I didn't do a Friday's 5 yesterday.

1. Too focused on the party and had too many things to get ready for it.

2. I had to play an hour or two of Fable III.

3. I went out to eat dinner with my mom who came down to visit for a few hours.

4. I was lazy.

5. I forgot.

So now you know.

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