Thursday, January 6, 2011

That New New

Seattle sports has had a breath of life! In one weekend, the Huskies took down Nebraska (who embarrassed us at home earlier this season) and the Seahawks beat the Rams. We can forget the lousy records and seasons the teams had up to that point, we won a bowl game and have a playoff game on Sunday! I've often mentioned how sad our town's sports teams are and although I still think that the weekend was a great reminder of how it feels to win. In related news, The INC! is going to release some new t-shirts coming up here very soon and the colorways were chosen in honor of the Seahawks and Huskies. I'll of course let you guys know when we physically have them, but let me show you the new Born and Raised T in classic Seahawks' blue and green and Husky purple and gold:

Put Your W-A's Up!

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