Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm not too sure if Tumblr is one of the better things to happen to the "creative" world recently, but I can tell you that I, like many others, am pretty into it. I don't have a page myself, or run one for The INC!, but I love to check out what other people do on their. It seems to be a way of fast blogging, not too many words or explanations, but more focused on specific images themselves. I haven't delved too deep into it but that's my view so far. Here are a few Tumblr's I've been checking out. Let me know if there are any I am missing.


The Hundreds - DRAWING LINES

My Man Talley Carlston - S'IL VOUS PLAIT

Natalis Brutalia - nataliabrutalia

Terry Richardson - Terry's Diary

Check them out for some cool stuff.

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