Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fine Art-Auguste Rodin

To me, there is no greater sculptor than Auguste Rodin. This year, I was able to travel through Paris and see the Louvre, the Musee Marmottan of the Impressionists, the Musee d'Orsay with all the Van Goghs and thousands of other classics, but by far my favorite museum was the Musee Rodin. Rodin's goal wasn't to show the exact proportions of a figure, but to show the exact emotion of the figure. I cannot get enough of Rodin and his artwork, and I thought that I'd better share my favorite pieces with you too. Enjoy!

I believe this is the Burgers of Calais, but I'm actually not positive.

Gates of Hell. So intricate.

As you can see, The Thinker was originally a part of the Gates of Hell, but later was a piece all by itself.

Really great view of the Eiffel Tower. The whole Museum was amazing because one could stroll the beautiful gardens while observing the amazing artistry of Rodin. 

The Thinker, probably one of the greatest sculptures in all of fine art, atleast in my opinion.

I actually had to look this one up haha. It's called Ugolino, and the story behind the piece relates a man named Ugolino, convicted of treason, and kept in the Tower of Hunger in Pisa with his two sons and grandsons. He is condemned to hell after watching his children and grandchildren die, and then eating their flesh. Not a very positive story. Nonetheless, an intricate and utterly awesome sculpture.

This is the original Thinker, kept inside the main Museum building on the grounds. All the larger ones are only copies. An amazing triumph of sculpture. The idea and concept of the piece is so obviously seen in the art piece. 

Aptly named The Kiss, one of Rodin's most famous art pieces. But the next one is my absolute favorite.

"Je suis belle", or in English, I am Beautiful. The figures are so incredibly expressive, and there is so much human triumph and human appreciation in this piece. The ideal, the concept behind such a piece is so obvious, that it needs only a glance to realize his intentions. This art piece seems to reach out and tell you to love yourself, to love humanity, and to realize how great one can be. I could probably rant about how incredible this piece is, but I am glad that you at least took the time to look at it. Remember, no matter what, you are beautiful, humanity is beautiful, and we have the possibility of being great. 

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