Sunday, April 4, 2010

Legendary, Vienna, Simply Legendary

Here are a bunch of photos from my recent trip to Vienna. Our good friend Patrick Strobl from northern Italy was performing with his band, The Looky but no Touchy, and we went to support the cause. He was competing in a International Live Band Contest, and they totally killed it. You can check them out with this link ( ). They came in 7th place, but it was a shame, because only the top 3 advanced to the finals. The worst part, was that most of the other bands were metal bands, and the judges of the contest were dressed from head to toe in black , with tattoes and piercings...go figure why they lost. The other pics are from the bars we made it out to that night, 1516 brewing pub, and Einbaumöbel, the latter which we are quite positive didn't have an actual liquor license. It was an absolutely crazy night. Anyways, enjoy the photos, and check out The Looky but no Touchy!

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