Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Friends In High Places

We here at The INC! are not the only talented people in the world. In fact, we're not even the only talented people we know. It's time that a couples of our compadres receive a little shine on The INC! blog.

Sam Wegman -
We've know this kid since high school and he his a really talented musician. Both in his solo work and with his band Trophy Generation, he writes and plays some really great folk/rock fusion music. If you're into Damien Rice, Elliott Smith or Glen Hansard (The singer from The Frames and the main actor in Once), you will most likely dig his music. He has done one solo album (which The INC! did the cover art for) which is available now on iTunes and he will be heading back into the studio this summer. He'll be playing shows and festivals around Seattle and Portland soon, so look him up and check him out: Sam Wegman on Facebook

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