Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tags and Art around Europe

Thought I would post some art that I scoped around the globe while in Europe. I didn't have my camera on me at all times and I definitely missed alot, but I captured a few. Some are just hilarious, others are clearly works of art. Keep Clownin!

Cinque Terre, the Italian towns right on the Mediterranean coast. Apart from the beautiful views, one could also get a glimpse into the locals way of passing time. 

This was the lover's passageway or something like that. Sean and Amanda just looking adorable. Other than these goobers, the whole hall was graffiti'd and there were tons of locks (to represent how the love is "locked down") 

Is it just me, or do I smell the works of a prolific artist by the name of Banksy?

Keep Dreamin'! Can't kill the Dreams, only the Dreamer

Belfast, Northern Ireland.... Nice. I just couldn't help myself when I saw this.

Again, Belfast. Kind of crazy that they haven't taken this down yet. 

Thought I'd better show something enjoyable from Belfast, haha. Thought these sculptures with electronics and other appliances in their bodies were pretty neat. 

Vienna, Austria. A small passageway near the Museum Quarter. 

Cool little street tag. Vienna.
I've got some family in Tübingen, Germany (Southern Germany to be more exact), and I saw this little gem in a back alley near a bridge. 

Another cool piece I saw in a little corridor of Tübingen. Really expressive bronze statues. I'm a fan. 

At the Dublin Castle there were all these Angels depicting different things. I had been in Berlin a few years earlier and seen a similar exhibition of Bears (for Berlin). I think the artists paint them with symbols or something belonging to their country. 

Very Klimt.

Picture I took while waiting for the bus. Really cool fountain randomly in some square. 

Sculpture I saw while walking around Köln, Germany. We were there for the Karneval celebration. Great times. Absolutely great times. Whole city goes crazy.

Walking through the Flea Market in Athens, Greece, and spotted this beauty, haha. 

This was right outside the old Forum in Greece. I'd be bummed if it had been on the old ruins, but it was kind of cool to be walking around the ancient site, and 100 feet away see some graffiti. Quite the contrast.

Last but not least, some protestors sleeping in the Roman Coliseum. I couldnt' read the banners, but I guess they were people who had their houses seized, and weren't happy. Again... quite the contrast. 

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